TRAJAL Colleges

The Trajal colleges are operated by the Travel Journal Educational Foundation and are well recognized and approved by professional associations of travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and other organizations.

  • Tokyo

    - Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College
    established in 1973
    - Tokyo Bridal College
    established in 2013
  • Osaka

    - Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College
    established in 1980
    - Osaka Bridal College
    established in 2011
    - Osaka Hotel College
    established in 2018
    - Osaka Theme Park & Dance College
    established in 2018


Our philosophy is based on "Omotenashi". The Japanese style of "Hospitality". The training we provide unites all of the staffs and students with the concept that the spirit of "Omotenashi" is the fundamental element for true service.


During the 43years since its establishment in 1973, Trajal has been the nation's leading college specializing in the preparation of students for careers in the Tourism, Hotel, Airline, Cargo, Rail Transport, Theme Park, and so on.

Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo & Osaka) , Bridal College (Tokyo & Osaka) , Osaka Hotel College and Osaka Theme Park & Dance College has been an important member of the TRAJAL Group; a collection of tourism-related companies and educational institutions along with "Travel Journal", the publishing company of "Weekly Travel Journal".

For more than four decades, the Travel Journal Group has been playing this important role in continuing to set the standard for hospitality education in Japan through its institutes.